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Shampoo Bar is a nice option for those who want a quick clean, to reduce waste and for camping trips. Shampoo bar is safe for all hair types. Shampoo bar can also be used on the whole body. 


How to use: Lather Shampoo bar  between hands until a thick lather is formed, rub lather into hair and repeat untill hair is covered in lather.  OR rub directly into hair, make sure to get entire scalp. Scrub scalp with suds and rinse completely, must follow with a connditioner. 


Shampoo Bar

  • Ingredients : Lye water infused with Banana peel and soap nuts, 

    Coconut oil, Hemp Oil, RSPO Palm, Cocoa Butter

    Castor Oil, Glycerin, Steric Acid, French Pink Clay, Sodium Lactate, 

    Honey, Silk Peptide, Keratin, Vitamin E, Fragrance

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