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Body Soufflè
(body Cream)


What is Body Souffle?

In short...a creamy moisturizer

For those who want more...When you need a little moisture and & your skin feels tight or dry. This moisturizer doesn't leave that greasy feel. Body soufflé is a rich thick lotion, creamy & perfectly velvety on the skin, rich in vitamin B and silk protein.


Star ingredients:


  • Coconut oil poses antimicrobial properties and is said to be linked to reducing inflammation & keeping skin moisturized.

  • Rice Bran Oil  has has the ability to soften, moisturize and soothe the skin. 

  • Lanolin has the ability to slow water loss from the skin. and is most like natural skin oils this ingredient does not harm animals and is one of the best ingredients for the skin.

  • Silk peptides aid in moisture retention due to its strong hygroscopic properties (silk is credited with the ability to retain 10,000 times its weight in water), resulting in optimum conditioning and increased strength.

  • Panthenol is vitamin B and is also a powerful moisturizer. But it's used in cosmetics as a softening, soothing, and anti-irritant agent. It also helps your skin build up a barrier against irritation and water loss.

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