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 Humble beginnings


My Glorious bunch


 Bridgette and her family

My Company is called Remedy Bath House. The driving force for creating healthy nourishing everyday skin care is to keep skincare simple without unnecessary ingredients.  Our line of soaps and body care are for those who want distinctly different products with the best ingredients. REAL Soap and skincare for those who don't compromise on quality.

Bio: I have lived most of my life in a dry climate and about 15 years ago I began to develop extremely itchy dry skin. I am not a smoker or drinker, don’t use any type of medication or have any conditions. As a child I applied lotion after my daily shower because of the desert mountain climate. As I got older I learned while working for  Bath and Body Works about different products, ingredients and scents. I used those products for 15 or more years and one day I developed uncontrollable itchiness. I tried many different products to solve the problem but nothing seemed to solve my skin itchiness. I began to research what chemicals soap  and shower gels contained. In a process of elimination I was able to find that soap with sodium laurel sulfate to be the main problem. I stopped buying products with the SLS however I never forgot nor did I stop my research on  soap  and many other beauty products. I looked at the additives, detergents, chemicals and preservatives used in most commercial brands. I was distressed and horrified  in my research to find what these chemicals can cause and that I used these everyday products for my family. 

Over the years I discovered these everyday body care products affect people with allergies, eczema, asthma, psoriasis etc. My husband and son suffer from asthma, eczema and allergies and I could no longer  bring these chemicals that were harmful to my family and myself, into the home or my office.  

In 2018 my mother also was diagnosed with a rare cancer, that caused me to research skin care products further. As my research deepened, I had to act.  I kept away from purchasing items saturated with toxins. The research shows how harmful they are and they contribute to  people developing cancer and other skin irritations that exacerbate eczema and many other skin conditions. This knowledge pushed me to formulate natural, skin loving and botanically rich products. 


The  Journey began- 

 I started making body scrubs, bath salts and using essential oils for personal use and with my family, then I ventured into facial oils, washes, and scrubs. My family and I used the essential oils everyday, and loved them. One day after reading all I could get my hand on to formulate soap I jumped in with some divine intervention which gave me the confidence I needed to try ... and did it. Pure coconut oil soap with lavender essential oil, it wasn't pretty but it worked, and I was hooked. I have crafted a selection of several different soaps, and body care products made from a variety of oil blends, clays, salts, herbs, botanicals and butters. It would be my honor to have you try them and please send me your feedback. My direct email is, I will be looking forward to reading all of your feedback.

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