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body care

Bath Bomb Truffles 

Frothy goodness for your relaxing soaks. Enjoy the silky, creamy  texture of the  bath water.  Our bath truffles make a soak in the tub an unforgettable experience.

Body Balm

Solid, easy to use,  push up bar that help relieve dry, chapped skin in need of protection and moisture. Featuring skin loving waxes, shea butter and rice bran oil, for maximum hydration.

Hand crafted

Soaps &

Liquid Soap

Hand crafted soaps have such a creamy lather to wash away dirt 

and oil. Botanicals and clays to 

detoxify the skin. These soap don't strip skin, like commercial detergents. 




Dryer feeling butter with skin softening ingredients to moisturize and soothes.



Himalayan Salt,  dead sea salt and clays that detox and refresh skin. Scrubbing away  dead skin cells that dull the skin without leaving skin oily. Features essential oils and salts that help our skin look and feel its best.

Body Souffle'

Luxurious cream that protects and moisturizes skin all day. Featuring silk peptides and  rice bran oil. This is a for those who love silky soft skin, many customers are amazed at their skin with just a few days of use.

Foot Butter

Thick and rich skin softening butter made to sooth and cool tired feet but especially for those who love soft supple feet and toes 

Body Elixir

Formulated for all skin types. The attributes of Body Elixir oils used  calm irritation, protect skin barrier, facilitate faster healing, help to combat dehydrated skin. High in antioxidents and made to assist, balance and condition skin. Can restore even skin tone with long term daily use. 



Skin Therapy is for those who like simplicity.

Minimal ingredients to include raw coconut oil, cocoa butter, we've added a few other versitile ingrediants to improve stability like Vitamin  E Oil, and an ingredient to help it stay whipped for better application . This formula was created for sensitive skin. No fragrances have been added just the natural smell of pure coconut and cocoa. 

A little information about our body products 

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