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This is a single dose capsule  to boost skin renewal, unclog pores, assist with exfoliation & to increasing collagen production which can reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, giving a fresher, plumper appearance. For external use only.


Start slowly to get skin use to retinol, sensitivity must be expected as this is a treatment to assist with increase cell production & exfoliation. Apply 1 capsule once every THREE days at bed time for 1-2 months, after a month or two increase to 1 capsule nightly every TWO days for 1-2 months, and after about 3-4 months try & increase to 1 capsule nightly. LISTEN TO YOUR SKIN everyone is different for best results, allow skin time to get use to this vitamin (Retinol).


How to use: You MUST use Sunscreen DAILY when using Retinol, it is a requirement, even if you only go into the sun 5% of the day. Sunscreen protects skin from damage, and you must be committed to using it daily. Skin becomes more sensitive to the sun with retinol use. 


Retinol Facial Treatment Capsules


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