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This creamy, frothy soap is soft and fluffy mixed with clay, jojoba beads and sugar crystals to gently polish away dead skin cells. Skin takes typically 28-56 days to fully turnover. Exfoliating 2-4 times per month will help to keep skin supple, soft and looking its best. 


Creamy Shower scrub is gentle exfoliater for the body. Can also be used to shave (dry), just remember to rinse completely after using.  Scoop out desired amount. (a little goes along way) Rub on skin, rub, rub rub add water  to form sudsy soap, rinse thoroughtly. Removes dirt and oils, while polishing off and exfoliating away dead skin cells.

 Scent Profile:

Lemongrass  (yellow) 

Spa Day (blue) Orange, Eucalyptus, middle note of Ylang Ylang and a hint of Patchouli

Island Beeze (pink)- soft floral blend of Plumeria, Blushed Peony and light base note of Lavender.

Creamy Soap Scrub

  • Sugar, Coconut Oil, RSPO Palm, Olive Oil, Hemp Seed oil, Castor Oil, Distilled water, Glycerin, Steric Acid, Kaolin Clay, Optiphen, essential oil and fragrance blend

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