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What's up with my skin?

Rapid fluctuations can take a toll on skin from dry freezing winter weather to a shift of cooler springtime temperatures and more sun exposure. When temperatures change it is harder for skin to maintain hydration and adjust. Your body is consistently adjusting to weather and climate changes, the temperatures of water we use when cleansing our skin, and the hormonal adjustments our body makes each day disruptions like these cause skin to be more susceptible to inflammation and irritations . Skin woes like inflammation, tightness, loss of hydration, or increased sebum production all result from these changes.

Don’t be afraid to switch up your routine and try an oil or cream cleanser. Change your moisturizer and moisturize quickly after cleaning when you notice tightness or dry skin. Use an oil free moisturizer or look for a lighter milk moisturizer if skin feels too oily, dermatologist don’t recommend skipping moisturizers. When skin is inflamed look for turmeric or lavender in your skincare. Look for glycerin or hyaluronic acid when skin needs added moisture. Add a calming or antioxidant clay masks once or twice a week for detoxification. Be good to the skin you're in.

Bridgette Michelle

-Remedy Bath House

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